About Us


🌱 Who we are


Biologiko Xorio has been active in the field of organic products since 2008, with the first physical store based in Voula of Attica and until now, is considered the largest purely Greek chain of organic stores in all of Attica, Patra, Larisa, maintaining 26 stores. It offers a wide variety of organic food, special nutrition products, personal care, baby and children, nutritional supplements but also household items.



🌱 Vision


Our vision is to be the first choice of the consumer in modern healthy eating. On the shelves of our stores & in the e-shop are daily vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, plant based, baby products, refrigerator and freezer products, but also fresh fruits and vegetables, ready to eat, items personal hygiene, nutritional supplements and ecological products of excellent quality.



🌱 Mission


Our mission is to offer and sell organic products of excellent quality at competitive prices and to continuously strengthen and develop its product range, offering the consumer public a holistic experience in the field of proper nutrition, living and well being.

With the main concern of the excellent quality of the products, the specialized & scientifically trained department of Quality Control of our company, ensures through continuous controls the quality validity of each product code.



🌱 Philosophy


Supporting the health of all people and maintaining the natural balance of our planet is a core value for our group. The primary concern of the Biologiko Xorio is to follow the new trends and to constantly open new avenues in the modern diet with products of high nutritional value. At the same time, it promotes teamwork and common ground, creating a growing company and maintaining a family atmosphere. Of course, it always works with respect and support for the natural environment. Our motivation, sustainable development and respect for both our customer and our partners.




Thank you for your trust and preference!


Gluten free

This product contains gluten under 20ppm concentration. Suitable for people suffering from celiac disease. 

Lactose free

This product is free from lactose. Suitable for people with lactose intolerance. 

Low Salt

This product contains salt in concentration lower than 0,12g per 100g of the product.

No Salt

This product contains salt in concentration lower than 0,005g per 100g of the product. 


Product of certified production according to the good practices of organic agriculture without the use of chemical additives and pesticides.

Sugar free

This product contains sugar in concentration lower than 0,5g per 100g of the product. 


This product is in accordance with a strict vegetarian diet, free from raw materials of animal origin.


This product is in accordance with a vegetarian diet. It does not contain meat and fish.


Product of Protected Designation of Origin. Identification of the product regarding the place, region or country of origin, its quality and characteristics, as well as the guarantee of its production within a limited geographical production.

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