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Balsam oil

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Balsam oil is extremely effective for sciatica and any rheumatic pain, while it helps immensely with joint pain and dropsy. It relieves and heals immediately: wounds, blows, bruises, sprains, burns, varicose veins, inflammations, irritations, itching, insect bites, skin diseases, cracks in heels and elbows, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, arthritis.

It is also for cramps, gripes, chills, neuralgia and headaches. With spath oil, as it is also called, we smear or lightly rub the part that hurts or we can even apply local patches with soaked gauze. Also, in problems such as hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and constipation (in which it has spectacular results) it is used by drinking a tablespoon of mustard oil every night on an empty stomach. As it is ideal for any therapeutic or relaxing massage.

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Storage instructions

Keep in a cool and dark place. 

User instructions

For external use apply in the skin area. For external use: consume 10-15 drops (1 teaspoon) 2 times per day after food.

Avoid the contact of the product with sunlight. If the skin area you want to apply has contact with sunlight it is preferable to use the product on evening hours.

Health advice:  Consult your doctor about the use of this product if you are receiving any treatment.

Product's special characteristics

  • It has anti-inflammatory, stimulating, healing and tonic effect

Product's barcodes
Per 100g

Extra virgin olive oil*, Hypericum oil*. * = organic product.  Net Weight: 50ml


This product is in accordance with a strict vegetarian diet, free from raw materials of animal origin.


This product is in accordance with a vegetarian diet. It does not contain meat and fish.


Product of certified production according to the good practices of organic agriculture without the use of chemical additives and pesticides.


Product of Protected Designation of Origin. Identification of the product regarding the place, region or country of origin, its quality and characteristics, as well as the guarantee of its production within a limited geographical production.

Low Salt

This product contains salt in concentration lower than 0,12g per 100g of the product.

No Salt

This product contains salt in concentration lower than 0,005g per 100g of the product. 

Gluten free

This product contains gluten under 20ppm concentration. Suitable for people suffering from celiac disease. 

Lactose free

This product is free from lactose. Suitable for people with lactose intolerance. 

Sugar free

This product contains sugar in concentration lower than 0,5g per 100g of the product.