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Male Multiple 60 tabs

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Advanced formula formulated exclusively for the needs of the modern man without iron, in order to achieve better levels of health and vitality. In particular, in addition to other nutrients, it provides zinc and lycopene, substances that can help prostate health, B6, B12, folic acid, vitamins that can reduce homocysteine ​​levels in the blood (a factor related to cardiovascular health). It also contains vitamins C and E, selenium and natural carotenoids as antioxidants. On tablets. Suitable for vegans.

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User instructions

Take 1-3 tables daily, preferably with your meals.

Long term intakes of the amount of B6 contained in 3 tablets, may lead to mild tingling and numbness.

Notification Code: 65593/29.09.2010

Product's special characteristics

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Product's barcodes
Per 100g

Calcium [as carbonate, bisglycinate , citrate] (133,3mg), Bulking Agents (microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, mannitol, maltodextrin), Magnesium [as oxide, citrate, bisglycinate] (133,3mg), Vitamin C [as L-Ascorbic acid]     (133,3mg), Choline [as bitartrate]         (33,3 mg), Glazing Agents [hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, vegetable glycerin (from palm kernel oil and coconut oil)], Anti-caking Agents (vegetable stearic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate), Cross-Linked Cellulose Gum, Inositol (33,3mg), Pantothenic Acid [as D-pantothenate, calcium] (26,6mg), Vitamin E [45 IU, as D-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate] (30mg), Riboflavin [vitamin B2, as riboflavin, riboflavin phosphate]          (20mg), Thiamin [vitamin B1, as thiamin mononitrate] (16,6mg), Niacin [vitamin B3, as niacinamide]    (20mg), Colours [sodium copper chlorophyllin, titanium dioxide], Vitamin B6** [as pyridoxine HCl] (5mg), Zinc [as bisglycinate] (5mg), Citrus Bioflavonoids (8,3mg), Natural Source Beta-carotene (1,83mg), Manganese [as bisglycinate ] (0,66mg), Chromium [as picolinate] (66,6μg), Copper [as bisglycinate] (500μg), Vitamin B12 [as cyanocobalamin] (166,67μg), Selenium [as L-selenomethionine] (66,6μg), Carotenoid Mix (5μg), Folic Acid [as pteroylmonoglutamic acid] (133,3μg), D-biotin (100mg), Iodine [as potassium iodide]   (50μg), Vitamin D2 [133 IU, as ergocalciferol] (3,33μg).


This product is in accordance with a strict vegetarian diet, free from raw materials of animal origin.


This product is in accordance with a vegetarian diet. It does not contain meat and fish.


Product of certified production according to the good practices of organic agriculture without the use of chemical additives and pesticides.


Product of Protected Designation of Origin. Identification of the product regarding the place, region or country of origin, its quality and characteristics, as well as the guarantee of its production within a limited geographical production.

Low Salt

This product contains salt in concentration lower than 0,12g per 100g of the product.

No Salt

This product contains salt in concentration lower than 0,005g per 100g of the product. 

Gluten free

This product contains gluten under 20ppm concentration. Suitable for people suffering from celiac disease. 

Lactose free

This product is free from lactose. Suitable for people with lactose intolerance. 

Sugar free

This product contains sugar in concentration lower than 0,5g per 100g of the product.