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Tips for Lent fast with kids

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Tips for Lent fast with kids


🥗 The Lent fast has already begun. But when there are children in the house, the process of fasting becomes even more difficult. Below are some small tips to help our little friends appreciate the fasting period more.


Talk to the children about the nutritional benefits of fasting and present it every day at the lunch table as a surprise.

Enrich the fasting menu with lots of vegetables to get the necessary nutrients. Prefer raw vegetables, which retain all the vitamins! Challenge your child to "color" his plate with as many vegetables or fruits as possible (depending on meal time).

Make sure you eat at least three small fruit meals daily. To change the taste, you can also enjoy them as a dessert with a little honey and cinnamon.

Choose the children's favorite recipes and modify them with some "fasting" changes.

The child needs the nutrients provided by red meat. So we have to find those foods that will fill the gap of days without meat. Such are lentils, cereals, rice, quinoa, nuts, oats.


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