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7 healthy habits to start your day right

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7 healthy habits to start your day right

By adopting healthy habits in the morning routine you will succeed in starting your day happily and having the energy and joy you need to cope with your obligations.

With this habit you moisturize the body that has been dehydrated during the night, you cleanse
the body from various toxins, activate the digestive system and reduce the feeling of hunger.
You can add a few drops of fresh lemon or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

If you are sleeping with your cell phone next to you and the first move you make as soon as you wake up is to take it in your hands this is not a good habit. Choose to resist the temptation to check your email and Facebook and Instagram news for at least an hour after waking up and you will find that your mind will be more focused.

Start your day thinking about the things you are grateful for.
This process will help you to be positive throughout the day.

Fill your lungs with fresh air. It lasts only 10 seconds and reminds you that you live and breathe.

You do not necessarily need to do an intense workout before breakfast, but a little muscle stretching can improve blood circulation, reduce stress and improve posture.

Take some time and prepare a full breakfast that will fill you with energy. You can schedule breakfast all week by writing down what you will include and preparing the ingredients in advance. A quick and nutritious choice is the smoothies that are prepared quickly, as long as you mix different ingredients of the season.

Look in the mirror and say something positive about yourself!

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